Tina Yi 

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garden design, installation, and management

Garden Designer/Horticulturist

After graduating from the horticulture internship program at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I have dedicated my professional life to learning about plant care and design. I spent most of my time at the BBG in the Native Flora garden, which sparked my interest in exploring the connections between native wildlife and the plants that sustain them.

I practiced urban garden design and plant care at several small garden maintenance and design companies in NYC including the beloved among locals, Sprout Home Brooklyn.

After moving with my family to Northern NJ, I have been able to create gardens on a larger scale and work part time as an environmental educator in the beautiful highlands of Northern New Jersey. I also serve as a Garden Designer and Greens Keeper on commercial and TV productions.

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What Others Are saying

“We would like to thank you for creating amazing gardens around our house.  Your selection of plants, the placement within each area, as well as replanting existing foliage was absolutely perfect.  As we walk around the house, we are so pleased with each section.

Your knowledge and expertise regarding soil and plants is impressive.  Thank you again for providing us with beautiful gardens to enjoy for many years to come.”

Marje T.


Our strength is designing beautiful, resilient gardens that complement each unique site.  Whether we are creating new beds or enhancing an already established garden, our design choices reflect each site’s distinct conditions. Our mission is to create, plant, and manage gardens of diversity with multi seasonal displays using primarily native plants.

Some of our designs include:
foundational plantings, native plant gardens, perennial beds, meadow gardens, and container gardens.


We use quieter, electric machines to reduce emissions and noise.  We cherish wildlife and value abundance, so we don’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  We hand prune small trees and shrubs according to their specific needs. We manage all aspects of perennial bed maintenance.


Do you want to do the work, but just need help with a plan? Are you unsure of what the plants are that you already have in your garden?

We can provide guidance on site assessment, plant choices, or even the best measures to take against invasive species. If you have a dream, but just need a little help, please reach out!